MET-CERTFIED attends the inauguration of HydroQuest turbines and SEENEOH Tidal test site in Bordeaux (FR)

On the 1st of March 2018 the Dutch Marine Energy Centre attended the inauguration of the SEENEOH test site located in the heart of the French city of Bordeaux. 
The test facility is situated in the Garonne River. Here the tidal range during spring tides can exceed 5m and current velocity reach up to 3,5 m/s.  French developer HydroQuest launched its first turbine to be tested at the site. The turbine is mounted from the SEENEOH’s floating platform moored on four points. Later this year Irish company DesignPro plans to deploy its 25kW hydrokinetic turbine as well at a second berth.
DMEC and SEENEOH have been developing plans to cooperate on fish impact studies and exchange experience on implementing certification services to developers. The SEENEOH site lends itself well to conduct performance and resource measurements. As such the test facility is ideally positioned to implement the IEC TC114 technical specification and certify turbines against performance standards developed under the International Electro-Technical Committee. Sophisticated data acquisition instrumentation allows accurate measurement of the turbine performance and of the incoming velocities. This is required to certify a power curve of a turbine and can help to give confidence to end-users and buyers of these novel turbines. It was good to see that several prospective investors, project developers and certification bodies attended the inauguration event. 
We thank the SEENEOH team for hosting DMEC during this special event and look forward to further collaboration.

Below you can find some pictures of the inauguration + a very nice movie made by Peter Scheijgrond of DMEC.
Overview of the test site
Mayor of Bordeaux shows model of future installation in the river
opening by Jean-Francois Simon CEO of HydroQuest
Seeneoh partners
hydrokinetic device of DesignPro planned for deployment this spring in SEENEOH.
Movie on the Inauguration by Peter Scheijgrond (DMEC)