MET-CERTIFIED partners present at IEC standards on marine renewables meetings in Seattle 20-22-23 March



  IEC Technical Committee’s annual plenary in Seattle (Credit IEC)

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) annual plenary for the Technical Committee developing marine energy standards (TC114) took place in Seattle 22nd-23rd March 2018.  Over 50 delegates from 12 countries attended to discuss progress in the marine energy sector, including the Dutch, French and UK delegations representing MET-CERTIFIED, an Interreg 2 Seas funded project. MET-CERTIFIED was recognised for

  • Workshops promoting awareness of International Standards within the marine renewables industry,
  • Reaching out to external groups including investors and insurers,
  • Increasing participation of technical experts in IEC working groups,
  • Increasing feedback received from industry users applying the standards.


John Griffiths, Anna Southall, Peter Davies, Anton Schaap, Olivier Benyessaad

Preceding the plenary MET-CERTIFIED partners were involved in the technical project teams, including the IEC Technical Specification for Design (IEC/TS 62600-2) which is working on a second edition. This was the first face to face meeting for the group that will develop the Technical Specification for Mechanical Loads (IEC/TS 62600-3). MET-CERTIFIED is providing valuable support to enable international collaboration between experts and various opportunities to use these specifications on real marine energy devices to ensure they are practically viable.

Alan Henry, Budi Gunawan, Peter Davies, Anton Schaap, Frederick Driscoll, Jin-Hak Yi

Following the plenary, the Marine Energy Operational Management Committee (ME-OMC) met to continue developing a conformity assessment system. Once in place this system will enable IEC certificates and test reports to be issued with international acceptance.  MET-CERTIFIED participants include certification bodies Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas, test laboratory European Marine Energy Centre, and NEN, the Dutch national standards institute.